Camp Journal

Banana Boating for the Reds!

13th August 2018

The Red group awoke to bright sunshine and blue skies on their first morning at camp. After a healthy and filling breakfast, they separated into their language classes to learn some new words. After learning some vocabulary and phrases, they consolidated their knowledge by playing fun games and practiced their all-important oral communication skills. This was followed by team building games, which challenged them to work as a group to find a way to complete each task, which was great fun and forged some lovely friendships. Then for the fun part of the day: banana boating! We hopped on the bus down to Villeneuve beach, where the campers got into groups and enjoyed touring round Lake Geneva on the banana boat, with just a few falls into the clear warm water! The reds also enjoyed swimming in the lake, jumping off the pontoon, splashing in the pool, and a cool ice cream from the shop before heading back to camp. After shower hour and dinner, they wondered up to the football pitch and its stunning view of the surrounding mountains to play some sports before bed. What a busy and fun first day at camp, tune in tomorrow for more excitement with Camp Suisse’s red group!

Charlie B, Group Leader