Camp Journal

A relaxing day at the lake!

22nd July 2020

Waking up bright and early, the Yellow and Green group hiked back down from Lake Taney where they had spent the night camping. The coach awaited their arrival at the bottom to take them straight to Bouveret beach by Lake Geneva.

Fortunately, after last night’s thunder storm, the weather forecast cleared as we descended the mountain roads.

With base camp set up and sun cream lathered on, the campers were able to jump straight into the lake or pool. Caterina, Iñigo and Eliana learnt to do flips in the water with Group Leader Sabrina, whilst Leonardo, Lukas, Lucas and Group Leader Floriane played tennis on the grass.

Diego, who just turned 14 yesterday (happy birthday!), stood out with his impressive water frisbee skills.

It was a very relaxed day after an active week and a great time to wind down and enjoy the picturesque Swiss scenery.