Camp Journal

A busy start to Session 3!

26th July 2020

On their first full day at camp the reds and blues spent the morning in their sports or language sessions. After lunch, the juniors set off into the forest for a mountain adventure day. We first learnt how to light fires- which Chloe, Malena and Erin we’re particularly good at- not only did they light their cotton wool using a fire striker, but also were winning team in the campfire construction competition! 


We then moved on to shelter building, where we learnt the best way to construct shelters safely. We found that Roxy and Charles had a particular eye for interior design – as homely touches of skylights, doormats and ovens were added to the otherwise basic shelters. 


After shower hour and dinner, the reds and blues undertook Torgonahunt. We split into 2 teams and searched for the answers to Torgon related questions in the square. Huge shout out to ‘The Hovering Potatoes’ (Lei Lei, Erin, Samuel, Malena, Charles and Emma) for winning with a whopping 19/20!


After a tiring day, everyone headed to bed (after our bedtime braiding session with the Blue girls) and we look forward to a day at Labyrinth Adventure tomorrow.