Camp Journal

A busy day at camp for the greens and yellows!

27th July 2020

The Greens and Yellows kicked off the week with a morning of languages and sports, ultimate frisbee infact! The first language class of the session was an opportunity for campers to dust off the cobwebs and practice some of the most useful phrases. Special mention to Natasha and Josie for their efforts on the first day! The afternoon brought a sunny session of archery for the yellows. Daniel showed he was a natural Robin Hood. After archery the yellows went ghyll scrambling, a favourite among campers in the hot sunny mountain weather! Chloe and Florence were the best scramblers the GLs have seen for a long time. The Greens spent the afternoon team building with their group leaders. Nella, Josie, Zohra and Poppy were particularly fantastic with their teamwork skills and communication. This was followed by a relaxing afternoon of art jamming for the greens. Art jamming is the perfect opportunity for campers to express themselves and have some fun. Special mention to Arthur and Simonas who showed their natural artistic abilities to the group!

Another brilliant busy day at Camp Suisse