Camp Journal

Yellow taking on the mountain!

2nd July 2013

It was a beautiful day in Torgon as the yellow group woke up to clear blue skies and an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. With it only being the yellow groups third day at Camp Suisse everyone was eager to rush through breakfast and crack on with the days activities. 
The morning session consisted of sports and language lessons, some language sessions were even taken outside due to the beautiful weather! 
After sports and languages the yellow group re-grouped for a delightful lunch – paninis,  hot dogs, pasta, baked potatoes and even more! Then it was time to set off mountain biking…. 
The mountains bike sessions were led by Craig and Rosie who really put the campers through their paces! Ayman certainly had an experience he will never forget – coming off his bike down one of the harder routes, but getting back on in fine fashion and completing the sessions! 
After a long day on camp Suisse it was time to sit down and tuck in to some well earned dinner – fajitas and fruit salad, it did not disappoint! Before the day ended Tiff made a very popular announcement, telling the yellow group they would be going to the aqua park tomorrow – and with that to look forward to it was of to bed and resting up for another fun filled day at Camp Suisse!