Camp Journal


29th July 2012

Day 3 started with the usual fuel up in the morning with cereal toast and fruit followed by saying hello, hola, bonjour, gutenmorgen or bonjourno to our teachers for language classes. Yellow got their trainers on for some tennis with Oli and after a busy morning a lunch break was in order, so we sat down for a tasty selection of pastas, couscous and salad. 

When campers were suitably refuelled we excitedly hopped in to the minibus and were taken to Plan de Croix for mountain biking with Calum, Jim, JP and Toria. Campers then checked their own bikes were fully fit to ride after learning how to ‘m-check’. This is a technique commonly used in mountain biking to check the bike over for working order from seat to tyres. Once campers were happy their bikes were up to scratch we had a go first on the flats getting used to breaking and speed. When they had mastered this, it was time to hit the trails. Yellow group were challenged with a variety of obstacles to overcome our descent back down to camp. The weather was wonderful and yellows thoroughly enjoyed improving their mountain biking skills. 

Once back at camp, yellows took a well-deserved shower, followed by supper, which everyone was happy to learn that tonight was fajita night. Once supper was finished we went off exploring Torgon for the Torgona Hunt – where campers rush around the resort in teams in search of information about the area in as short a time as possible. After a tiring day yellows headed to bed looking forward to the next day’s schedule of orienteering and Ghyll scrambling.  

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