Camp Journal

Yellow Group: Languages and Woodcraft Workshop

23rd July 2021

Another fantastic Friday was had by all here at Camp Suisse! The campers shined in their language lessons this morning, especially Mattia, who sang the class’s chosen karaoke song at the top of his lungs! The students of French are all eagerly awaiting to sing the Lion King’s rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the karaoke night next week!

Throughout the afternoon, the Yellow group created sculptures made of wood and rope; first drawing up a plan and then turning it into a reality in the forest. Poppy succeeded in making a Wimbledon worthy tennis racket out of sticks, leaves and flowers. Sejal, Sam and Greta came together to exhibit some awesome team work skills to create a bespoke seagull. The entire group made up chants, danced and burnt their sculptures. Greta and Ellie ballet danced emotively to music while Polina’s artistically crafted wifi sculpture was set alight on the campfire. Yet again another wonderful day was had by all!

– Aisling Vaughan-Witts, Group Leader