Camp Journal

Yellow blog post 18/07

18th July 2019

The yellows started the day with a hearty breakfast and headed off to their language lessons for the morning. The range of topics varied from group to group; some were busy learning about different nationalities, some about food and drink, whilst others were getting to grips with the sounds animals make in Italian thanks to Old Macdonald!

After lessons it was time for photos. The bathrooms were full as campers made sure they were looking their best. After some serious, and some not so serious photos, it was time for lunch. Being on site all day meant campers could enjoy a hot lunch and refuel for the afternoon.

After some relaxation time playing ping pong and chatting, yellows headed into the woods for bushcraft. Here they learnt how to start a fire and build a shelter. It’s safe to say they are now ready for anything!

This was followed by time to shower and call home before dinner. The evening was spent playing unihockey, after which everyone was ready for a good night’s sleep!