Camp Journal

White group rocks it in Montreux!

18th July 2013

To start off the day all the groups attended their daily routine of sports and language classes. It’s after lunch when the real fun begins! 

The White group set down the mountain for some rock climbing. They were divided into 4 groups and with their informative briefing from the activity leaders they had no trouble belaying each other up the rock. Everyone was feeling cheery, where not even the slighted rain stopped people from climbing, that when told it was time to leave Aidan and Harry still wanted to continue. Next it was time for Montreux Jazz Festival. In smaller groups the whites were strolling amongst the stalls, inspecting everything the jazz festival festival had to offer. Most of the girls bought matching bracelets and necklaces. The boys were into ‘finally’ getting some proper ice-cream. After gathering everyone together in the midst of the festival it was time for the white group to head back to Camp Suisse for a late supper.


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