Camp Journal

White and Yellows test their limits

22nd July 2013

Today the White and Yellow groups had an amazing time off the mountain at Parc Aventure. The two groups joined together to have fun swinging from the tree tops on the various ropes courses. After everyone was briefed and kitted out with the harnesses, the groups rushed off excitedly to try out the “easier” yellow and green routes. The braver and more advanced tackled the harder blue and red routes. Kenji and Harry were like little monkeys scampering through the branches and Jordan was giving everyone some hints and tips as they went around, being a great mentor to anyone in difficulty. Although there were some minor mishaps everyone bravely tested their limits and overcame their fear of heights. Even Kai the night guard was giving it a go who is petrified of heights.  The highlight of the day seemed to be the 250m long zip wire. Everyone was flying across it and rushing back to do it again. Parc Aventure was a real hit with the Whites and Yellows. 

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