Camp Journal

Whites and Greens take on Dracula and Bananas!

23rd July 2013

It was another super sunny day at Camp Suisse. After kids had finished their language and sports it was time for the delicious lunch buffet. After the White group had filled their bellies – it was time to go banana boating! The weather seemed to be kind to us as the group headed down the mountain with the Green Group. After dividing into groups everyone had their turn at riding the banana boat. Everyone enjoyed the banana boating and not a single group member avoided falling off of the banana boat or the afternoon rain shower. Although, noone seemed to notice that it was raining, since they were busy playing in the water or eating ice cream. The White group managed to get back just in time for shower hour and the long awaited trip to Jaky’s Discount shop. After everyone had stocked up with local goodies and ate dinner, it was time for Dracula Hunt. The hunt took place at the football pitch, which had been invaded by different sorts of monsters and helpers. The groups managed to save the day by getting rid of the King of the dammed, Dracula!

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