Camp Journal

Camp Suisse make a splash on the rapids

21st July 2011

As the rain continued to fall in the Swiss Alps, spirits remained upbeat for the Blue, White and Yellow groups as they embarked on a daring raft down the river.  

After a winding drive up the mountain past the Glacier, the coach pulled up to a flotilla of rafts with all the equipment needed for the afternoon.  Sporting some fetching wetsuits, life jackets and helmets the brave group boarded their vessels and headed off downstream.  

Meandering tight corners, dodging submerged rocks and ducking under treacherous branches – the group did an excellent job at riding the waves and staying upright.  

Finally our ‘daft’ rafters obliged to get out of the rafts and jump into the ‘cool’ water from an inviting rock in the middle of the river.  Creating a final splash was Head of Colour Harry who performed the most elegant entries.  

As the rafts were lifted out of the water some eager beavers were keen to enter the water one last time before the difficult task of removing the wet wet suits.  A quick change into dry clothes was all that was left before we boarded the coach back to Torgon in time for some homemade Chinese and casino night.

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