Camp Journal

White group do a bit of mountain biking!

17th July 2013

Today the White group had an exciting afternoon mountain biking with Chris, Marie and Ingrid. As we set off after lunch on the mini bus to Plan de Croix, the sky became dark and thundery clouds started to gather around the mountain. Despite the rumbles of thunder and rain the white group had fun trying out their mountain biking skills. They tested their balance and stability through some fun games. The groups then tested their abilities through trying the different mountain bike routes; going over obstacles and whizzing around tight corners. Duncan did extremely well after overcoming his fear of cycling. By the end he was flying down the routes. The groups then came back down to Torgon, the advanced campers taking the more complicated route down the mountain. Many were asking to do it again because they enjoyed it so much!

-Eilidh, Group Leader

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