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Where are they now – Phil Haynes

25th April 2012

In the continuation of this series we head to Treviso in northern Italy to see what Resort Manager Phil Haynes has been getting up to over the course of the year and how he’s been contributing to the preparations for summer 2012.


Phil Haynes








Phil Haynes


‘Well, apart from filling up on pasta, pizza and all the other culinary delights this region has to offer, most of my time has been filled with teaching English to a variety of Italian learners from 6 year old beginners to 60 year old… beginners, and all that’s in between. With some of the biggest hurdles in the English language overcome, such as the correct pronunciation of ‘kitchen’ and ‘chicken’ or ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’, I’m beginning to wind down as my students prepare for their end of year exams.  

In just a few weeks’ time, however, I’ll be winding myself back up with a vengeance as I make my way back to Torgon (for what will be my 4th summer) to lend a hand as the schools’ sessions begin and the preparations for the international sessions are stepped up a notch.    

At the end of summer, while most Camp Suissers settle back into their normal lives, I’m lucky enough to be kept doubly busy working remotely from my trusty Camp Suisse laptop on various Camp Suisse-related projects. If you’ve ever visited our Facebook page, and if you haven’t then I strongly suggest taking a peek, you’ll see regular updates, news, photos, videos, etc. well, this, among other things, is part of what I do; keeping us up to speed in a fast changing digital/social media era. 

A lot of what we do during the down season is about evaluating everything that took place the previous summer- taking on board feedback from staff and campers and their families- and looking at what improvements/changes can be made in order to make the following summer even better than the last. I can tell you now that in summer 2012 we’re on for a big year! And, although I’ll be sad to say ‘arrivederci’ to my Italian life, I cannot wait for the summer ahead!’

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