Camp Journal

Where are they now? – Katie Shepherd

16th May 2012

Next in this series of catch-ups with some of our longest serving staff members we head on over to UK, stopping off in the capital to hear from Camp Coordinator Katie Shepherd (Sheps) to see how she’s been keeping busy away from camp and what she’s got in store for us in summer 2012.


Camp Suisse salsa class







Katie Shepherd (Sheps)


‘Hey everyone… Sheps here! I’m writing this whilst beavering away in my office in central London. Yes, a far cry from leading evening dance classes and running around the Alps in camo gear on Mission Day. I’ve spent this year working very hard for a golf travel company and while the experience I’ve gained has been fantastic, sitting in an office looking at the rain all day really makes me miss running around in the sun in Torgon!

Apart from working, I’ve been going to more Salsa and Ceroc lessons which should make evening entertainment dance sessions even more fun… get ready to move those hips!

Unfortunately, as I have a ‘real job’ -boring!- I won’t be at Camp Suisse for as much time as I’d like this year, but never fear I’ll still be out there for a good long stretch. I just can’t stay away!

Having had a sneaky insight into what is planned for Camp Suisse 2012, it is looking bigger and better than ever which means I’m even more devastated I can’t be there for the whole time! The Activities Team have got some amazing new activities planned, new evening entertainment ideas are brewing and of course what would Camp Suisse be without the best disco in Torgon… The Camp Suisse ‘Disco Disco Disco’!

On that note, I’ve been spending rather a bit of time staring out of my London office window thinking up the next big staff performance for the Talent Show. Last year we gave you the Spice Girls, 5ive and Souldja Boy…but what’s next I hear you shout?! Well you’ll just have to be there to find out!

Well that’s enough from me; I need to return to work, although having written this and gotten all excited about the summer it isn’t going to be easy concentrating on those golf holidays! See you back in Torgon this summer for Camp Suisse 2012!’