Camp Journal

Treetop Adrenaline – Greens and Yellows

3rd August 2012

A delicious breakfast comprising lashings of chocolate spread Yellows and Greens headed to their sport and language sessions. Some soaring serves and super smashes on the tennis court bookmarked the morning and before they knew it, it was time for lunch. 

Soon after, there were 44 campers, 7 group leaders , 1 camp mentor and photographer Mark jumping on the coach to take them to their afternoon excitement. A high ropes course, rested deep in the forest known locally as Parc Aventure, is incredibly popular with all campers. So harnessed up and ready for action the campers swung and jumped through the trees with many of the Greens and Yellows completing some of the more difficult courses fearlessly. 


After an exhausting day, they returned to centre, however no one was too tired for the eagerly anticipated talent show. Staff and campers from all groups gathered to support their peers as the sun, danced and acted away showing off just how much talent there really is in Camp Suisse. The day was made extra special since campers on the 1 week programme will be departing tomorrow and hopefully it was a perfect end to a fantastic week -bon voyage to all those travelling!

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