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Reds go for a walk….. Blues blow their chips….. & Greens fire some arrows…..

22nd July 2011

The Blue group hit the tables for some high stakes in Las Torgon last night and with each camper starting with the same amount of chips (€250), the challenge was to see who had the most at the end of the evening.  With most blowing their entire stack in the final 5 minutes, one budding poker player managed to walk away over €3000 up!  

Well done boys and girls!


Despite the poor weather the following morning, after language lessons and lunch the Reds went on a nature walk with Taff and Rosie from the activity group.  Taff and Rosie livened up the walk with many interesting stories and facts about trees, moss, birds, goats and cows!  

Later in the afternoon the Reds completed the Camp Suisse treasure hunt and after only a matter of minutes all the children were running round trying to find the next clue.  The hunt ended with the individual groups finding the final treasure in the swimming pool of all places!  Who would do that eh??


The Green group honed their Robin Hood skills by partaking in a spot of archery up at the football field.  For our experienced archers it wasn’t long before the arrows peppered the inner rings of the targets (unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the majority of our Group Leaders).  

Not even the odd spot of rain could dampen our group of merry men and women as arrows whizzed through the air and thudded triumphantly onto the targets.


After a successful archery session, spirits were high as some of the Greens headed back to camp to try their hands (and feet) at salsa dancing.  

The Camp Suisse dining hall was filled with Latin American fever as campers strutted their stuff for an hour and a half.  


Many new moves were learnt by all, which we hope to see at the Camp Suisse fortnightly disco next week.

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