Camp Journal

Torgon’s Got Talent

24th July 2019

This morning, the Reds and Blues woke up to a beautiful morning on the hills above Torgon. After breakfast, the campers participated in a lovely yoga session to wake up their bodies for the walk back, and stretch to recover from the hike the day before. The groups walked down the mountain on a new route, and made it down to Camp right on time for packing for the beach!
The Reds and Blues loved their trip to Le Bouveret Beach, the highlights being the beach, the pool, and the giant slide that landed you into the lake! The campers had lots of fun in the sun, and were happy to head home to get ready for the language Talent Show! Nerves picked up as the Talent Show drew closer, and after one last practise it was time for the main event! The campers were all stars, and their teachers are so proud of them all.
The Greens and Yellows also enjoyed a short morning yoga session after their breakfast on the shores of Lake Taney. The campers then walked a much shorter distance before being brought back to camp. Their hike down whetted their appetite for lunch at camp before they had their last language lessons. Part of this lesson focussed on preparing for this evening’s karaoke session, which happened after dinner. The Greens and Yellows sang their hearts out, and cheered each-other on during their performances.