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T&DFC on Tor(gon)

17th August 2011

Almost immediately after the departure of the international sessions, Torgon welcomed the ‘free-scoring’ T&DFC to train and play against some of the local teams whilst also enjoying the (belatedly) good weather here. As fate would have it, no sooner than the international sessions finished the good weather began, for the sun is now shining and the temperature guage is now pointing well above the 30 degree mark.

Taking care of the footballers has been an absolute pleasure so far, and they were kind enough to teach some of the remaining staff a lesson in how football should be played (despite the heroics of Taff, who tried to single-handedly salvage some pride!). From the perspective of the staff members, it’s a huge change to have gone from dealing with the kids in a loco parentis manner to then having teachers supervise the children, but it’s providing us staff with an invaluable opportunity to clean and polish the centre that has taken a bit of wear and tear over the last 3 months.

As far as the end of season cleaning and servicing is concerned, leaps and bounds of progress have been made here at the Gold Test Centre. the mountain bikes have all been serviced and stored by our expert activity staff and other equipment has been serviced and then put into storage for the next summer. Whilst it’s quite a sombre experience to have to clean away all the things that we used during the summer, we are currently reminiscing about the good times had on the equipment during the summer months for 2011.


One thing is for certain: the next time that the equipment is used for the 2012 season, it will be done so in a bigger and better manner than this year, along with the promise of more new, exciting things for Camp Suisse! 

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