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Torgona bike… we’re gonna hike!

6th August 2011

As the annual Torgona Bike event descended upon Torgon, the campers enjoyed an exhilarating ride up to the top of La Jorette (the ski piste behind camp) on the chairlift. Once at the top, we paused for a quick group photo, conveniently situated as we were above the cloud that blanketed the valley. Careful navigation down the hillside meant we dodged the dare devil riders as they raced down the mountain bike course beside us.  The weather took a turn for the worse just as the main square came into sight so we donned the waterproofs and carried on down.  

The path got very muddy and slippery but most campers and staff managed to stay firmly in the upright position. We were soon back in the main square just in time to pay a visit to the Camp Suisse charity stand which was selling sweets, painting faces and offering up some classic fair games such as bat the rat (well, the French version that is; ‘Bats le rat’), all in support of Suranna’s Stepping Stone.

The evening’s activity challenged the new language skills campers have acquired over the course of the past week, as teams battled it out to be named the champions of Camp Suisse Giant Scrabble. With the oversized board marked out on the floor and a selection of giant letters in hand, teams pondered away thinking up all kinds of crazy and amazing words acceptable in any of the camp languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German). Luckily our language staff were on hand to settle any disputes, carefully scrutinising spelling and disallowing any precarious words.

Chairlift to top of La Jorette, Torgon

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