Camp Journal

Torgon 2012 Olympics

8th July 2012

Unfortunately, yesterday’s sun had disappeared and been replaced by rain clouds, but as the Olympics kicked off the sun started to show right on time. All the campers were divided into different countries. The campers prepared for the opening ceremony by painting the flags of their country on their faces. Each country was introduced with their national anthem and the Olympic flame to commemorate the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus from Prometheus blazed throughout the duration of the games. Olympics had officially started and the teams were taken to the football pitch where they had to compete against each other in numerous events. Everyone tried their very best and after a great afternoon in the sun, we headed back for shower hour so everyone could scrub off the facial paint and prepare for dinner. Everyone put in a titanic effort and congratulated Brasil on their success. 

Their fame however was only short lived as we were getting ready for the talent show. We discovered that the campers are not only great at sports, but also possess other great skills and talents. A performance of stretches, which is a traditional Israeli dance kept us entertained. A human pyramid, a piano solo and a guitar solo with singing were among the exposé of talents presented to us this evening. The best, however, is always saved until last as two of the staff members, Phil and Harry, closed the show with their rendition of the upbeat summery track Keep On Moving by 90s band 5ive. The campers were thrilled with their performances and the opportunity to show off their many gifts and abilities had left them in need of a good sleep. 

Tags: Character Building Fun & Lifelong Memories International Team Work