Camp Journal

Time to hike to France!

3rd July 2017


The Yellow and Green groups started the day with their first language lessons of camp. Plenty of fun games were incorporated into the classes to kick start the day and keep the campers engaged and excited to learn! After filling up on the delicious hot food and buffet at lunch, yellows and greens were ready to complete their challenge of hiking to France! The sun was out in all of its glory and it was a perfect day to weave our way up through the mountain encountering all sorts of various animals and plenty of new nature to learn about. A few short stops on the way to re-energise and we arrived at camp 4 hours later. A welcome BBQ set up by the lovely catering staff awaited the grateful campers and there was even some time for table tennis and table football before our last push up to the boarder of France. Everyone stayed determined and focused and we all made it. The view was definitely worth while!

Back at our Alpine Outpost camp, we finished the evening with stories around the camp fire, including Toria’s notoriously captivating spooky stories, before 44 tired campers headed to bed ready to regain their strength for the fun day ahead.