Camp Journal

The Yellows Celebrate Swiss Day!

3rd August 2018

The sun dawned bright and early as the yellow group rose from a deep sleep. After a healthy breakfast, they set off up to the football pitch where they released the young Robin Hoods and Katniss Everdeens inside them with some fantastic archery. Whilst not shooting arrows, the yellows enjoyed a few games of pétanque, and a fabulously out-of-tune Disney sing along. When they were all archery’d-out, we walked back to camp for lunch, followed by their first language classes! Depending on the level and langage, this was a mix of introductions, new vocabulary, questionnaires, and games to consolidate their vocabulary. With French, Spanish, German and English still ringing in their ears, the yellows headed out to Torgon square to enjoy the Swiss Day festivities, before digging into a delicious tartiflette for dinner. And finally, a handball tournament to finish off the day, let’s hope they all try their hardest and lead their teams to victory! Tune in tomorrow for another day of fun and enjoyment with the Yellows at Camp Suisse 2018!

Charlie, Group Leader