Camp Journal

The Olympic Flame comes to Camp Suisse

9th July 2018

This morning the entire camp was treated to a well deserved lie in, followed by a Nutella filled breakfast for reds and blues. Room inspections then began after the campers had made sure their bedrooms were perfect and clean for another week at camp.
Once the rooms were perfect and lunch was finished, exciting times laid ahead as Olympic day began.

Campers were sorted into different countries with members from red group up to yellow group. Campers got to put on face paint, make up chants and design a flag for their respective countries. The Olympic ceremony began with the lighting of the Olympic torch while each team descended to their national anthem. Campers then all headed to the football pitch where they competed in fun games such as an egg and spoon race, tug of war and frisbee golf. After touch competition, Brazil were crowned the Olympic gold medalists, closely followed by Japan and Egypt, with Maria Sofia and Adam G from green group winning prizes! The Olympics was followed by an impromptu water fight and then shower hour. Evening entertainment was an elective, with green group choosing to relax and do yoga, dance with a Zumba class and play more sports. Overall a great day!

The Group Leader Team