Camp Journal

The Final Prom!

17th August 2020

Whoosh! Another day at camp has flown in. A bright day awaited the campers who woke up to their final day in the mountains. After a filling breakfast, campers were whisked away on the coach for the picturesque journey to Cailler. Tap tap tap went Indy’s foot as she got more and more excited on the journey to the chocolate factory. The first activity of the day was a thrilling tour of the factory, learning all about the history of the Cailler brand. Bjorn was really engaged in the history of chocolate in Switzerland and Alexis dived into the real life tales of the farmers who grow the cocoa beans. The highlight for all was the selection of free samples given at the end of the tour, with everyone indulging themselves! Click click click went the cinema reel as the children settled in to watch a short movie about the tradition of chocolate. After a whirlwind tour of the gift shop, we hopped on the bus for the short drive to Gruyères. Greeting the campers was a typical Swiss village filled with more cheese than Megan could ever have imagined. A chilled lunch in the park was followed by an exploration of souvenir shops. A trip to the fountain to cool down meant that the campers, especially Gleb, had fun soaking the group leaders- splash! The bus left Gruyères with a loud ‘beep beep’ as the campers settled in for the journey home, with excitement for the evening ahead building. The highly anticipated ‘Enchated Forest’ prom will welcome the campers this evening with a delicious dinner in the forest. It will be followed by a night of dancing to celebrate new friends, amazing memories and an unforgettable week at Camp Suisse!