Camp Journal

Tennis With Oli And The Whites Go Mountain Biking

4th July 2012

After a couple of cloudy wet days, we were all thankful to be awoken by the rays of light flooding through the mountainous valleys. With a flawless blue sky in existence, we sat in the dining room, devoured our breakfast banquet that comprised of a selection of cereals, fruit, yoghurt, toast and eggs. At 9am, the Green and White groups chose either to shot some hoops in basketball or ace their peers off the court in tennis during their first sport session. My tennis group, comprising of 25 tennis ace wannabes participated in some warm-up games and then we had a lesson in how to accurately hit a backhand. All 25 Roger Federers to be mastered this with supreme precision and then were able to show off their tremendous dexterity in a game of ‘pressure doubles’ followed by ‘around the world’ – where the player must hit a backhanded shot over the net and run to the other side to receive the opponent’s shot. 


At 10.45 the campers reconvened at Camp Suisse central to take part in their various language classes. A lunch of fresh salad, pasta and couscous t followed before the white group, led by Oli, Aimee and Noelia, ventured up the mountain to Plan de Croix for a 4 hour mountain biking session. The campers were split in to 3 groups, who then took part in various levels of the mountain bike tracks. Our instruction focused on various skills and we even tackled some jumps before riding down the mountain and back to Camp Suisse headquarters to tuck in to chicken curry or vegetable lasagne followed by fruit salad. Currently, the campers are taking part in the infamous ‘Torgonahunt’ or casino night and will no doubt collapse in to their beds at 9.30pm after such a day of activity. They had better rest up well, because tomorrow promises to deliver a busy day with a 5 am wake up. The White and Red group aim to redress for an early morning trip to Glacier 3000 followed by a relaxing dip in the stunning Villeneuve swimming pool. 

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