Camp Journal

Team Building

7th July 2011

Today the red and blue groups were supposed to go camping, but due to the bad weather we had to postpone.  However, nobody’s spirits were deterred and we enjoyed an afternoon of team building and orienteering together.


Everyone worked well in order to complete the tasks and some budding engineers were found during the camera game, as well as some acrobats in the crate climb.


Later in the afternoon, everyone managed to build upon their orienteering skills learnt earlier in the week and sucessfully navigate around obsticles in the dining room, as well as learning how to use a compass.   Our day of team building went really well and the red group are ready and elated for more fun activities tomorrow. Go red and blues!


Despite an ominously cloudly sky and a definite chill in the air over Camp Suisse, the courageous green group were not to be deterred as they embarked upon an obstacle course through the icy river! 


With a few initial screams (not only from the girls!) as the water seeped into our shoes, everyone soon got into the spirit of things and embraced the icy waters! 


Through hula hoops, over rocks and across planks went the green group, with lots of encouragement (and even more splashing) from the Staff.  After the excitement of Ghyll Scrambling, it was back to camp to dry off and have a quick snack, followed by some team building games with the yellow group.  

Both groups showed that they can work together fantastically to achieve anything – from getting through a giant spiders web to climbing 20 foot crates!

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