Camp Journal

Spider’s webs but no spiders!

7th August 2012

Red group

The Red group were up bright and early for a filling breakfast, followed by language lessons and basketball as the morning activity. Campers warmed up for sports with some quick games of Fishy! Fishy! Fishy! and  a spontaneous bit of dancing led by Isaac and Kirsty! Everyone joined in and had a great time; having kick-started the day so energetically, lunch was very well deserved.

Afternoon activities consisted of team building games and the eagerly anticipated ghyll scrambling. The Reds worked together through three different challenging games, showing off their newly formed friendships and communication skills with other campers who speak a different native language. An enormous sense of teamwork and achievement swept through the group as each game was conquered including stacking crates to reach and ring the bell a few metres above, and tackling the spider’s web, where campers must pass through the gaps of the web without touching the edges.

Once the games were mastered, a delicious afternoon tea of banana cake and juice was handed round, before our activity staff kitted the campers out for some ghyll scrambling! Akin delighted his group leaders by exclaiming ‘this is the best day of my life!’ before he’d even got to the ghyll. The Reds clambered their way up and down the ghyll effortlessly, taking every challenge Kirsty, our activity leader, threw at us. Every single camper attempted the obstacles along the way, from crawling through a bike tyre to sliding down a small rock slide. The water was colder than usual but that did nothing to dampen the yells of encouragement each camper gave to each other throughout. Out of the water, the campers hurried to put on their warm coats and jump around to thaw off some of the water’s chill. A hot shower and cooked meal was awaiting us on our return to camp.

Back at camp, after a busy day everyone relaxed at casino night, with games of roulette and blackjack taking centre stage, while games of jenga, snap and twister supported.

Campers rounded off the night by packing before bed, ready for the camping trip tomorrow.


Blue group – rock climbing

The sunny day began with language lessons outside on the decking and fast paced basketball games. With all the children getting to know each other well, team spirit was high and the campers arrived at lunch full of excitement from the morning. Then into the minibus and down the mountain to the daunting rockface. Gasps of uncertainty of the challenge ahead could be heard amongst the campers. Calmed by some fun warm up songs and games, they were keen to get in their harnesses and up the rock with 5 different routes and only 12 blues, all the climbers got stuck in, clambering up and down until their bodies couldn’t handle any more! Some children managed to overcome great fears of heights as well as every child learning to belay, a great afternoon!

The evening entertainment was kid’s casino where they enjoyed a variety of games such as jenga, twister, snap, roulette and blackjack. The call for bedtimes was responded by a loud groan all round. But for the hike to camping tomorrow, sleep is definitely a good idea!

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