Camp Journal

Swiss Day for the Greens!

3rd August 2018

In the year 1291, three cantons signed a charter of peace, creating the core of what would later become Switzerland, and today it is celebrated with traditional music, food, and lots of good energy.

The Green Group, similarly, also had what can be named a ‘traditional’ Camp Suisse day. They started with a good breakfast – they needed it to recover from the excursion all the way to Lac Tanney on Monday, followed by some strong swimming in Lake Geneva on Tuesday.

With some exceptional sunshine and fresh air, the morning continued with the discovery of new bushcraft survival skills. The campers were introduced not only to simple map reading, but also to the correct use of compasses, how to measure distances, and being able to locate trails. This was followed by making shelters and beds using almost entirely material found in the woods. The campers are now fully equipped with survival skills.

Lunch was followed by the first English, French, German, and Spanish lessons for the Green Group. Assigned to their classes, and with their new notebooks, the campers started to converse and learn in their chosen target languages.

After the lessons, the campers went down to Torgon square to see for themselves how the Swiss celebrate their national holiday, and they weren’t disappointed, as they returned with Swiss flags painted all over their faces. Unfortunately there was also a traditional Camp Suisse thunderstorm looming over the centre, forcing the campers to have their evening activity inside. It was also a good opportunity to chill after the very active last days.

Bart von Malssen, Group Leader