Camp Journal

And the staff are here!…. Cory

18th May 2012

After the many travel links and connections between trains, buses and an aeroplane, I have finally landed myself in Torgon. The angular silhouette in the sky that the mountains of the Rhône valley cut is a world away from the vast grey liquid horizon that provides a border for us in the South West of the United Kingdom. Despite this though, the wind rushing through the Alpine trees is ever reminiscent of the sound of the Atlantic waves crashing against the rocks. I am pleased to discover that summer has descended upon Torgon, where the sun’s heat is pleasantly warm and the birds’ song provides a chirpy background buzz. My name is Cory and I will be working with Jodie to provide all children, staff and parents alike with the utmost service of camp administration. Today, we have been getting to grips with the process of registration of all our campers. Tomorrow we will be setting up the equipment in the office and from then we will be ready for all types of administration activity. 

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