Camp Journal

St Ivo – Day 4

26th June 2012

Coach 2
After a busy night of campfires, quizzes, nature walks and ‘BBQ’ing’, the campers were surprisingly spritely early this morning- possibly due to the cooked breakfast supplied by the kitchen staff on our trip away from camp. Having tidied the cabin, the group set off back down the mountain to camp. One would think this would be the easier half of the walk- not the case. A field of overly curious cows proved to be quite the hurdle. Having walked half way into their domain, one cow took it upon herself to stand on the path, stubbornly refusing to be moved. However friendly her intentions, the diversion back around the herd of cows created several muddy bums- to say the least!
Eventually arriving back at camp, we had a quick lunch and took off for the Aqua Parc to enjoy the slides, pool, and, most importantly, to wash. After spending the afternoon running havoc around the park, the campers piled onto the coach and we headed back up to Torgon for the evening. A filling cottage pie for dinner remedied the taxing previous couple of days, and an evening of hot chocolate whilst watching ‘School of Rock’ gave the group a breather so they could tackle Wednesday’s activities with the same vitality they began today’s!


Coach 3

Mountain biking and rock climbing
With the children split into two groups, one headed down the mountain to a crag whilst the others went the other way up the hill to find the bikes! Down at the crag the harnesses and helmets were fitted and the climbing began. With lots of shouts of motivation all the children climbed higher than they all thought they could. The children all got involved with 4 climbing at a time and the others learning to belay. After a speedy lunch back up at the centre it was time to pile into the minibus for a short ride up the hill with the children entertaining themselves by asking JD ,the driver, to say endless phrases in his Irish accent! With many of the children very excited about mountain biking we quickly got on the bikes and started some warming up practices and games. They were split into 3 groups and led down various trails to reach the centre again. Lots of muddy legs and dotty faces emerged from the trees as the group re-joined to head back for a much needed shower hour. The evening’s entertainment was the Torgona Hunt, which got the children running around in search of answers to the cryptic clues. Another fun packed day for all!

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