Camp Journal

Day 2 – where’d the nice weather go?

25th June 2012

Coach 1

The first day at Camp Suisse kicked off to a glorious start with blue skies and sunshine beaming down; sounds like the perfect day for a trip to the beach! Banana boating in Lake Geneva was a great antidote to the long coach journey that had brought the campers from St Ivo School in the UK to Switzerland! Plenty of splashing ensured and a great day was had by all, made even better by the fun-filled Torgona hunt, later that evening. Unfortunately, the England football team failed to make it a perfect day, but hey, we can’t have it all! 

Monday dawned with grey skies and showers, but luckily we were prepared for all occasions. The campers spent the day scaling the heights of the indoor climbing wall and honing their explorer skills with an orienteering activity. The adventure continued with some target practice at the archery field and all we were missing was Robin Hood himself!  

After spending an entire day improving our team building skills, there was great effort put into the Music quiz by all the teams, with the Lobsters emerging as the winners, astounding everyone with their musical knowledge! 


Coach 3

What a way for coach 3 to start the Camp Suisse experience…… CAMPING!!!  The day started with a quick kit check before the rowdy campers set off on their hike along the winding mountain paths.  The 3 hour hike, led by Activity Leaders Taff, Toria, Tom and Sarah, was made to feel quicker with Taff and Tom’s nature stops to educate the campers about the mountain’s eco-system.  Finally arriving at the Alpine Outpost it was time for some well earned lunch before the afternoon’s activities commenced.  

The afternoon consisted of splitting the group in half with half remaining at the camp site and completing a treasure hunt and one of Tom’s infamous night-lines, whilst the other half had a little nature walk to the top of the mountain from where they could see Mount Blanc and the French border.  There was just enough time for the two groups to swap around before the brilliant BBQ set up by the Camp Suisse staff. After dinner the campers gathered around the campfire to sing some songs and tell some stories before heading off to bed.  

When morning came sadly the weather was not as good as the previous day, and meant breakfast was eaten inside.

The morning’s activity was a quick hike back to centre (luckily mostly downhill this time!).  Upon returning there was just enough time to change out of the wet hiking clothes and get ready for an action filled day at Aquaparc! The afternoon was spent getting adrenalin rushes on the slides and contrastingly chilling out on the lazy river.

The evening activity aimed to give the intrepid explorers a bit of a rest before the action starts again tomorrow, with a cup of Camp Suisse hot chocolate and a DVD.  

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