Camp Journal

Coach 2 – Camping… better late than never!

25th June 2012

A delayed blog for which we apologise, but we were having so much fun camping that we had little time for writing (that and the fact that when camping one has no access to the net!). 

Before the fun began at camping we had the little matter of a 3 hour hike. The weather was kind to us, although by no means a beautiful day the rain held off and the temperature was ideal for our hiking purposes. The students coped surprisingly well with such a mammoth hike, and despite the occasional ‘are we nearly there yet’, we all arrived safely together at the Alpine Outpost. 

Once settled into our accommodation the activities began; ranging from hiking to the lookout spot to playing a nightline game, a great deal of fun was had by the masses. 

The evening barbeque was just what we needed to warm our bellies and our spirits. Subsequent heat was amply provided by the roaring campfire that ensured. As we all stared in a caveman-like trance into the fire the banana boats (bananas cut open and their skins filled marshmallows and chocolate) were placed into the flames. A yummy, gooey-goodness filled hour later and it was time for the evening’s activities, which consisted on quizzes, bingo and some good old camp songs!

Bedtime was welcomed by all after an exhausting day of camping antics!

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