Camp Journal

St Ivo Activities at Camp Suisse

24th June 2013

Waking up to rainy skies, Coach 1 (Mr Crisp’s group) had no time for damp spirits, launching straight into an action packed day of four fantastic activities. The morning saw the group trying their hand at team building games and taking on the bulding games and climbing wall. Followed by an afternoon of archery and learning new skills on the bush craft hike.
Team building games saw the group split into small teams of around 5 to use their creativity and communication skills to solve a number of challenges. The teams rose to the challenge brilliantly, battling problems including ‘the spiders web’, ‘the magic carpet’ and ‘bomb disposal’. 
The climbing wall was the morning’s second activity, and was met with typical enthusiasm by the St Ivo pupils. Many were climbing for the first time, demonstrating some impressive aptitude for the sport by scaling the 7 metre wall in style. Even more impressively a couple of pupils managed to overcome a fear of heights to take on the Camp Suisse wall.
The afternoon saw the weather improve and coach 1 were able to get out of the centre to enjoy the outdoors. The bushcraft hike was informative as ever with campers sampling some of the edible flora in the forest as well as learning some other key skills. The hammock building – and opportunity for an afternoon lie down – proved as popular as ever! 
Finally the pupils took to the archery range to test their skills with a bow. Though a few had done this before, for the vast majority, archery was a new activity. Great progress was made through the afternoon with even a few very impressive bull’s eyes being scored by the end of the day. – Matt, Group Leader

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