Camp Journal

Songs, stories, and stuffed bananas

23rd July 2019

Reds and Blues began their day with their final language lessons, which they spent preparing for the languages Talent Show on Wednesday. The performances range from role plays, to singing, to comedy acts. So far, the young campers have demonstrated an abundance of talent!
The Reds and Blues then began their preparations for their camping trip. Bags packed and campers fed, the Reds and Blues set off on their hike to Torgon Ski Club, where they spent the night. The Reds were given a little head start, and began their hike at Plan de Croix, up the hill from Torgon, while the mighty Blue group trekked the whole way from Camp to the Ski Club. Not only this, all the campers walked up the hill and crossed the border to France. Everyone enjoyed this challenging but exciting day, and were deservedly proud of themselves at the end of the day. A delicious BBQ dinner was followed by a lovely evening of songs, stories, and stuffed bananas at the campfire.
The Greens and Yellows also went on a grand adventure today, hiking 16km to Lake Taney. The 30 degree heat meant it wasn’t for the faint of heart, but they made it up in excellent time and were extremely glad of a dip in the cool waters of Lake Taney. All the campers were impressed by the stunning mountain lake, and the clear blue skies made it the perfect weather for relaxing in the sun. Once the Greens and Yellows were snugly roomed in the auberge, nested right on the shores of the lake, they enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner! The evening was capped off with all the campers sharing stories and singing songs round the campfire.