Camp Journal

Olympics day at Camp Suisse!

7th July 2013

Having completed their productive mornings of language and sports lessons, the campers of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow groups quickly munched through their lunch in time for camp photos. With this ordeal over, the campers grouped into eight different countries, each one mixing up the usual colour groups. The campers painted each others’ faces to match the flags of their newfound homelands. Following the opening ceremony and the lighting of the Olympic torch, the campers walked their now-familiar trek to the football pitch in the bright afternoon sun. The campers competed against each other in a variety of activities, ranging from a three-legged race to skittles. After a short break for afternoon tea of a chocolate croissant, the countries renewed their competitive vigor in an egg and spoon race and an obstacle course. The final points were awarded for the quality of the countries’ chants. The varied routines included cheering, somersaults, and in one case even the emission of flatulence. Once the scores were tallied, the bronze medal went to Germany, the silver to the UK, and the gold went to Brazil. All the campers loved their athletic afternoon in the sun.
In the evening, the campers showcased their hard work in their languages lessons at the 2013 Camp Suisse Languages Talent Show. The English, French, German, and Spanish students all produced entertaining shows for their friends. First prize went to the Spiaco Show, a celebrity chat show starring campers Jacapo and Spiros.
– Simon, Blue Group Leader (Team Germany captain!)

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