Camp Journal


11th July 2013

As the sun continued to shine at Camp Suisse, all colour groups gathered for Mission Day before lunch. Mission Day is known to cause excitement around camp for both staff and campers alike as the day involves carrying out a series of different tasks or “missions”. These missions were part of a military affair as campers were split into five squadrons that competed against each other – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo. With two squadron leaders commanding each group, points were awarded to squadrons depending upon how well they performed in each mission. In preparation of the afternoon activities, each squadron created and rehearsed chants and marches which were demonstrated in between missions to put fear into the eyes of enemy squadrons. Groups also applied camouflage to complete the army look. After lunch, the missions got underway. Vehicle mobility training included a timed relay around a course that tested everyones mountain biking skills. Target practice involved the use of bow and arrows as accuracy was needed to aim for the selected targets. The third mission, navigation skills, was based around orienteering as squadrons had to navigate to certain check points to collect letters. Groups then had to spell as many words as possible out of the letters they’d received. Vertical infiltration training took place on the climbing wall which contained challenging tasks such as climbing in the dark with the use of head torches. Finally, survival training demanded the use of adventurous bush craft methods. This entailed the art of building and camouflaging shelters as well as making a fire. It was a close battle between all five squadrons but team Bravo, headed by squadron leaders Matt and Jess, came out on top after winning the most amount of points in total. Overall, all campers enjoyed the thrill of Mission Day which strengthened the positive vibe around Camp Suisse as the end of session one approaches! 

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