Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Ten – Reds and Blues

28th July 2015

Today was a very exciting day for the red and blue groups as they were heading off to the Callier chocolate factory and Gruyère old town! Upon our arrival we split everyone into two groups and excitedly started our interactive tour of the factory! The exhibit was really useful and taught us all about how chocolate is made and where the ingredients come from! The kids were very excited and they said they were so shocked that they actually enjoyed factual information because it was about chocolate!After the main exhibits the kids moved on to the most popular section, the taste testing! Everyone was allowed to try each piece once! It was a very yummy starter for our packed lunches!

Next it was time to hit the gift shop where most bought gifts to take home or for the journey back to camp. Finally, to complete our time at Callier we all took part in an interactive quiz summarising everything we’d learnt! Tensions were high as the kids competed for the number one spot!
Next stop on our agenda, Gruyère! We all took a stroll through the beautiful old town and walked by the castle to the park where we set up base camp! Everyone had fun playing in the park and running around!
It was a brilliant day out, so good we didn’t want it to end!

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