Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Six – Blue Group

24th July 2015

After a busy morning learning and improving our language skills we went to the sports hall to start a team-building session. We were split into three groups and we had to design a rocket, then build it with different materials! We used plastic bottles, duct tape and cups etc. It was very interesting and even some of the group leaders designed their own! Once we’d finished building activity leader Tom put water into the rockets and we prepared to launch! Then it was time to count down, three, two, one, BLAST OFF!
Once we’d all landed back to earth we had our ‘afternoon tea’ and we headed to the river for our Ghyll scrambling session. We had to go through the river and the water was incredibly cold! It was a great experience, even if it was a wet one!
To round off another fab day we headed to the Camp Suisse casino to play a variety of different games that we all enjoyed!

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