Camp Journal

Session Three – Day Two – Yellows and Greens!

3rd August 2015

Yesterday the green and yellow groups had an extremely busy day full of everything Camp Suisse has to offer. Firstly after a big breakfast and a kit check it was yellows into the climbing wall and the greens tried their hand at some team building games. Both groups were excellent with the greens excelling and learning what was needed to work in a successful team through some fun games such as spiders web, create climb and bomb disposal. The yellows were in full swing on the climbing wall and managed to learn some skills and complete some of the trickiest routes Camp Suisse has to offer. After a quick break the groups changed over their activity and performed just as well. A good morning all round!


After a lunch with an extremely big choice. The groups were in their language classes learning about their hobbies, families and many other things. The teachers were so impressed some campers were able to win some Nogrots (Camp Suisse currency). The greens and yellows couldn’t wait to tell their group leaders what they had learnt at dinner which was a wonderful Lasagne and ice cream and crumble.


After dinner some went for a hunt around the square to find out some interesting facts about the camp and Torgon while the others played Volleyball.