Camp Journal

Session 4 – Day Three and Four – Blue Group

11th August 2016

Today was an exciting day for Blue Group: it was a day for camping adventures! First, our campers had their language lessons, in which they learned new vocabulary, grammar, and played games to practise their speaking skills.

After a delicious hot lunch, it was time to head off on a hike to the Alpine Refuge Centre for  a night of camping. Our campers enjoyed the hike through the beautiful mountains of Portes du Soleil, and we reached the site around 4 pm. Campers were shown their rooms for the night then played some team-building games before heading to dinner. On the menu were some delicious burgers, potato wedges, sausages, and salad.

After dinner, our campers headed off to do another hike, this time to the French border. Everyone seemed very excited to be in France and Switzerland at the same time.

In the morning, campers had a yummy breakfast and then walked back down to Camp Suisse. Once at camp, our campers had some time to have a shower before sitting down for a hot lunch.

After lunch, our campers learned valuable survival skills, like how to make a fire, how to set a hammock and how to filter water.

Our campers then spent the evening playing bingo! Two fantastic days in all!

Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Alpine Refuge Centre; Hiking

Walking up to the Alpine Refuge Centre!

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