Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Two – Blue Group

26th July 2016

After a nutritious and delicious breakfast, Red and Blue Group had their first language lessons. Campers were divided into groups according to the languages they have chosen to learn and to their level. During the classes everyone took part in introducing activities and icebreakers games in order to get to know each other better but using a foreign language.

The afternoon for Red and Blue Group was dedicated to Mountain Adventure. During this time the campers were taught different techniques and skills to survive in the woods. For example they learnt how to make a fire, how to cook when camping and how to set up a hammock. All the campers had a great time and loved this mini adventure in the woods.

After a delicious dinner of beef burritos the campers were ready for evening activity which was evening sports on the football pitch.

We all had such a fantastic day and are looking forward to going to the glacier!


Learning To Build A Fire!


Adventure In The Woods!


Outdoor Cooking!