Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Seven – Green Group

31st July 2016

After a nutritious and filling breakfast, Green Group were given free time in the morning to tidy their rooms, change their linen and pack for camping.

At 10:30, it was photo time! Each group gets a normal and a funny photo with their group leaders. For Green Groups funny photo they made an epic human life size pile up! After a final photo of the whole camp it was lunchtime and time for a final kit check before starting our journey to camping.

We set off at 2 o’clock. We saw some splendid views which kept our spirits high. We arrived at camp at 4:30. Campers were then given the option of hiking up to France. As they hiked up the sun came out and they saw a glorious view of France from the top of the Alps.

For dinner Green Group had  a barbecue and cooked bananas with melted chocolate. In the evening we sang camp songs around the fire.

Another excellent day at Camp Suisse!



Green Group Photo


Taking A break Whilst Hiking!


Enjoying The View