Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day One – Blue Group

25th July 2016

The first day at camp was very busy for our Blue Group campers. Our campers woke up for breakfast and after a morning meeting, completed some language tests so that they could be placed appropriately in their language classes.

After that, the fun really began! Our campers jumped on the bus ready for a day at the Labyrinth Adventure Park. Our campers ate their picnic in the shade, before dividing into groups to enjoy the activities. Our campers found their way around the maze, slid down slides, spun on giant swings and hamster wheels, as well as playing lots of old-fashioned wooden games.

Our campers enjoyed themselves so much in the sunshine! Our campers made it back in time for Shower Hour, and a dinner of Sweet and Sour Chicken.

The evening’s entertainment was karaoke, and the campers all joined in, singing and dancing, with gusto! What an action-packed and fun-filled day!


Camp Suisse Session 3 2016; Labyrinth Adventure Park



Big Smiles!


Enjoying Labyrinth Adventure Park!

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