Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Eleven – Green Group

4th August 2016

Green Group had the last of their excursions for the session today: their trip to the Callier Chocolate Factory!

As soon as breakfast ended, our campers all hopped on the bus to start the journey to the chocolate factory.

Once at the factory, Green Group learned the history of chocolate, and the Callier chocolate factory, and then… It was time for chocolate tasting! Everyone felt satisfied (if a little ill) after tasting all of that chocolate!

Next on the itinerary was Gruyères, a small, Medieval town famous for its cheese! Our Green Group campers had their lunch in the park, and were then able to see the castle, and browse the shops for some souvenirs.

At 4 pm, our campers made their way back to camp for Shower Hour, a tasty meal and… A staff v. camper football match. It was an awesome day for Green Group!

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