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Session 2 – Day Twelve – Green Group

22nd July 2016

Today was the last full day of Camp Suisse Session 2 and in accordance with tradition, it finished in a very special way: with Mission Day! Campers were split into six squadrons: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot. Then, after getting suitably prepared with camouflage face paint, each squadron was given the objective of their mission for the day.

Missions included: climbing, mountain biking, navigation and obstacle courses. All of our campers enjoyed the co-operative atmosphere, especially the squadron chants that were sung throughout the day. Mission Day came to an explosive end with a camp rocket launch!

The campers then transformed themselves army teams to prom prince and princesses, ready for the Camp Suisse Prom. After a delicious dinner, the camp awards were announced and the Camp Suisse cinema opened, showing the campers’ three minute movies that were made by the Yellow and Green Groups.

The evening came to a close with a spectacular disco, and everyone spent their last night at camp dancing and singing with their friends.

The prom and disco was the best and most special way to finish Camp Suisse Session 2!

Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Mission Day

Our campers were on a mission!


Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Camp Suisse Prom 2016

Ready for the Camp Suisse Prom 2016!

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