Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Three – Blue Group

13th July 2016

Today the Blue Group had a fantastic day! Our campers did rock climbing on the indoor wall in the morning and they were all really excited and enthusiastic to be learning some climbing techniques. The activity and group leaders were impressed by the way that all of our campers attacked the wall: with enthusiasm and a willingness to give it a go!

After climbing, our campers then played some team-building games, which were enjoyed by all! Not only did our campers get to know each other better, they also laughed and shared a good time.

To finish off a brilliant day, our campers did some arts and crafts. Blue Group made some group posters, competing with Red Group to create a team poster that would stand out on the walls of the Camp Suisse centre. Our campers used a range of different materials and added footprints and other special, personal touches to their artwork. What a day!

Blue Group; Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Art Jamming

Working together to create a team poster!

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