Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Twelve – Yellow Group

8th July 2016

The last full day at Camp Suisse was Mission Day, and it was definitely the best yet! Our campers were divided into mixed squadrons with all the other groups and followed a team leader, or ‘sergeant’. They applied camouflage make-up, invented a team chant, and then listened to their mission briefing.

Throughout the day, they completed different activities: climbing, mountain biking, archery, sports and a scavenger hunt, in order to win points for their squadron. After a quick afternoon tea, they made their own water rockets, which they shot across camp, each team hoping that it would be their rocket that went the furthest.

After the rocket launch challenge, our campers then packed, showered and got all dressed up for the prom!

The prom began with a glass of lemonade, photo opportunities, and a walk down the red carpet. Our campers had their last dinner together, in the decorated dining hall, and award winners from the various evening challenges were announced to rapturous applause.

After dinner, it was time for a viewing of the three minute movies that our campers made last week. Following the screening, it was finally party time! Our campers danced until they could dance no more and ended the night with a final Camp Suisse chant.

What a fun-filled, exciting and emotional last day at camp!

Yellow Group; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Mission Day

Camouflage face paint was worn by all!


Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Camp Suisse Prom 2016; Hollywood prom

Some of our campers, dressed to the nines for our Hollywood-themed prom!


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