Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Three – Green Group

29th June 2016

Today was another beautiful, sunny day in the Swiss Alps. The first thing on today’s agenda was a hike to Lake Taney. After applying liberal amounts of sunscreen and packing away their lunches, our campers headed off at 9am. The sunny weather put everyone in good spirits and our campers cheerfully walked onwards, at one point even travelling through a herd of cows! After that experience, it was decided that we would stop so that our campers could regain some of their energy, before one last push to complete the final leg of the journey.

Green Group reached Lake Taney at 2:30pm. There, they were met with beautiful views of the cyrstal-clear water of the lake. Despite the weather cooling off somewhat, some campers and staff took a swim in the lake. Some of our campers even had ice cream!

The buses picked everyone up and on the drive home, almost everybody slept. After a nice, hot shower, a delicious dinner and two hours of making a film in groups, all of the campers happily went to bed, exhausted from the long day.


Camp Suisse; Session 1 2016; Green Group; Lake Taney

Green Group, ready to hike!


Camp Suisse 2016; Green Group; Lake Taney hike

Our first glimpse of Lake Taney!


Camp Suisse; Session 1 2016; Green Group; Lake Taney hike

Some of our campers were brave enough to take a dip!

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