Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Ten – Blue Group

6th July 2016

Blue Group started the day with language classes, in which they got the opportunity to prepare for the 2016 Talent Showcase, which will be taking place tomorrow night! It promises to be a fun evening that combines our campers’ natural talents, with their understanding of the languages that they are learning, as each language class will have to perform in the language that they are learning.

After language classes, our campers set off for the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Once our campers arrived at Montreux, they sat down to eat in the sun. Our campers then spent their time looking at the numerous stalls, followed by a live performance by the Urecht University student band.

After an exhausting and fun afternoon in Montreux, we had an Indian-inspired dinner, followed by a board game extravaganza! What a day…


Red and Blue Groups; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Montreux Jazz Festival

Ready to listen to some jazz in the sun!


Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Red and Blue Groups; Montreux Jazz Festival

The fountains were fun on such a hot day!


Blue Group; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Montreux Jazz Festival

Peter thoughtfully inspecting his caricature drawing…





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